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This website is for all of you who are curious and want to know more about my work: constructive communication and conflict transformation, acting from an energy of nonviolence, life enriching social change, and intercultural as well as international networking for joint learning and growing.


Since October 2016, I am living and working in the South of Rwanda, the land of 1000 hills, working for the Center for Research & Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development (CRASPD) in the Protestant University of Rwanda (PUR, formerly PIASS - Protestant Institute of Arts & Social Sciences)

Viel Vergnuegen beim Lesen und herzliche Gruesse

Anne M. Dietrich

Peace & Conflict Advisor
Trainerin für gewaltfreies Handeln und konstruktive Konfliktbearbeitung
(Kölner Trainingskollektiv für Gewaltfreie Aktion und Kreative Konfliktlösung)

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